Paige Donner,  journalist, blogger, eco-activist, actor/filmmaker and more, returns to the show from Paris to discuss her passion for local food and wine. Donner became more interested in the marriage of regional wines and local food when she was in British Columbia to cover the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Three and a half years later, her Local Food and Wine media platform and blog has spanned the globe, covering the world’s great winemaking and local food producing regions. As her knowledge of the globe's wine regions grew, so too did her concern for how climate change could potentially impact viticultural areas.

Paige Donner

Founder, Local Food And Wine

“Wine grapes have long been recognized by scientists as being the most sensitive agricultural crop in terms of climate change,” Donner reveals. “What you see happening in wine regions [could preview] what is coming down the pike for other agricultural regions.”


Paige Donner, senior consultant at 

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Hear her conversation with John Shegerian, founder of Electronic Recyclers, recently featured in Fortune Magazine, discuss the relevance and importance of Environmental Consulting and Eco Media.


Paige Donner Owens Cornings Joe Arrigo and Paige DonnerPaige Donner wears many eco-hats: humanitarian, filmmaker, journalist, founder of the Green Blog Network and more. While Donner is based in Los Angeles, she travels all over the globe, investigating how the media conveys eco-news and awareness.

“We’re all together on this planet,” Donner says. “[We share] more similarities than differences. It’s not that you have to be perfectly green — none of us are going to be perfect. I think a lot of people think ‘green’ and become self-critical instead of self-praising.”

In particular, Donner is interested in the greening process in Hollywood — both on the production and awareness side. She says that more Hollywood stars are going green without being pigeonholed for it — a sign that the eco-movement is finally being embraced as a culturally accepted norm.

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 Paige was interviewed about "Greening The Olympics," on CKNW Talk Radio, Vancouver during the Olympic 2010 Games.  The Olympic 2010 Winter Games were designed to be the "greenest" in Olympic history. Here are some of the projects and endeavors accomplished with that undertaking: Click on the Picture to See Green Blog Network Posts.

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David Pakman interviews Paige about Greening Hollywood and what the entertainment industry is really doing to go green...{click here for audio link}

Paige Donner is an L.A. based journalist, writer and filmmaker. Having worked as an entertainment journalist since the early 90’s when she first started writing for Variety, Paige is now focusing on Greening Hollywood, her media platform that reports on the ways the entertainment industry is embracing a more sustainable and environmentally respectful way of doing business.

Paige is convinced that having lived as a child in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Japan and the U.S. territory of Guam and then as a young adult in countries such as France and Germany, has profoundly shaped the way she sees and interprets the world.

Paige joined Midweek Politics on July 8, 2009 to discuss Hollywood going green, and much more.

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