We first spoke to Mayor Bob Foster of Long Beach, California at 2009's President's Day roundtable on the Clinton Climate Initiative.

When he initially heard about a "waterless carwash" product, he, like many others, was skeptical and wondered, above all, how it worked. 

We provided several demonstrations of washing cars with Freedom Waterless Carwash to city officials. We then forwarded to the Long Beach City's Office of The Mayor's sustainability executives the biodegradability report, which attests to the product's 99% biodegradability and its non-toxic formulation.

It was then that we were granted permission to conduct a Pilot Program with the city's Police Vehicle fleet, substituting out their conventional methods of cleaning their vehicles with Freedom Waterless Carwash, which uses NO water. Each car wash using water requires between 60 and 140 gallons of water.  Now their Police Fleet uses NO water. The product's non-toxic formulation saves our precious watershed systems from further pollution.

The pilot program with the City of Long Beach Police Department is a success!

Paige Donner with President Clinton, President's Day 2009, at Roundtable discussion on the Clinton Climate Initiative. Donner was invited to attend as a credentialed journalist.